About Resolve Designs


ResolveDesigns team expands with each projects’ needs. Commissioning graphic designers, registered architects, fabricators, manufacturers and artisans, it is truly our pleasure to work with all talents and trades. The heart and soul of our team is in the inspiration of the project, our travels of the world, love of art, music and people.

We are humbled to be offering what we love in one of our country’s finest cities

ResolveDesigns was created in the heart of New York City in 2004; inspired by the city’s unique vivacity, rich history and eccentric community. Growth of talent, a driven integrity and a creative wanderlust led ResolveDesigns in 2009 to their new home in the growing, diverse city of Austin, Texas.

In the years to follow, ResolveDesigns has been blessed with open-minded clientele, constant inspiration and a plethora of personal and professional collaborations.

We work with an expertly knowledgeable; professional team of designers, architects, graphic designers and all around talented inspirational innovative conductors. We aim to make the creative process fun, the documentation phase cohesively detailed and the outcome beyond expectations, all the while staying true to budget, sensitivities and realities.

Balancing a bit of fun and curiosity, client-inspired Imagination with our attentive project management skills, ResolveDesigns enjoys making memories with each project.

Our awards and mentioned publications include Stone World, Architectural Record, Resorts & Great Hotels, Boutique Design, The New York Times and Austin Monthly to name a few. We would like to thank our past and future clients, collaborators and mentors and look forward to continuing the journey with honesty, humor and integrity; always resolving for a greater future.

Owner / Design Principal

Russell R. Collins



Thoughtful and innovative design solutions are the hallmark of Russell’s architecture and designs. As a designer, builder, and avid inventor, he orchestrates a wonderful passion for details and delights his client’s intuition with intriguing design resolutions.

Born and Raised in Texas, Russell received his Masters in Architecture from Texas Tech University. Hospitality design and the big city lights called him to Manhattan, NYC where he spent 10 years honing his skills and learning from a few of the largest names and most challenging projects in the industry. While in NYC and over the past two decades, Russell began ResolveDesigns and has spearheaded multimillion-dollar designs and construction projects for luxury hotels, casinos, restaurants, high-end residential and commercial clients; providing executive-level real estate development and all facets of professional services.

Russell’s acclaimed projects have included the programming and architectural directive for a boutique hotel in New Zealand; a multi-faceted gaming resort with a nod to tribal history and an Austin area 200 acre Master planned development. Large and small, Russell has been honored to work with these projects and the amazing people he meets along the journey. He is inspired by his travels, his family and his beautiful home State in Austin.

Director of Interiors

Danielle Harvey Collins



Danielle feels ‘Design speaks to us everywhere’ and should be fun, inspiring and gratifying With a background in Hospitality design, she has a sophisticated but eclectic style, always looking for an opportunity to create layers of interest with metals, woods, fabrics, art.

Originally from the North East and South Florida, Danielle received her Bachelors in Interior Design and is a registered interior designer in both Texas and Florida. With projects ranging from full service luxury resorts and cruise ships to large churches and small preschools, listening to her clients’ needs while opening their minds to new ideas is always her goal.

Constantly inspired by travel, the natural beauty of South Austin and the surrounding Hill Country and especially, the laughter of her two small children, Danielle is honored to be on this journey with ResolveDesigns. Each project is a unique experience in helping her clients’ to live, work and play in a more enjoyable, comfortable, fulfilling and fun space.